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High School Camps & Summer League

By Lisa Dobie, 07/18/18, 7:30AM CDT


Set yourself apart from your peers

The summer schedule is in full swing. High school summer camps are daily reminders the summer is coming to a close and the school season is just around the corner. All of the athletes are able to showcase all their improved skills from their club seasons as they all compete for the coveted roster spots on their respective teams. It's the start of a new season - a blank slate. These summer sessions are prime opportunities for athletes to set themselves apart from their peers. All of our Edge VBC athletes have the tools to make a lasting impression on the coaches. Here are a few tips from your Edge VBC family to separate yourself from the herd:

1) Be loud and stay positive! If you are a front row player, call your sets (multiple times), identify the hitters on the other side of the net, identify front/back row setter, etc. - communicate anything you can. Back row players, identify front/back row setter, call where the set goes (outside, middle, right), call for a back row swing, and try to give your hitter a place to hit (line, cross, cut, tip, etc.) Communicate as much as you can - we cannot stress this enough! Showcase the volleyball IQ you have been developing all club season. You probably do not even know how much knowledge you have accumulated from another year club, so, again, over-communicate. Coaches love to see players that seem aware of their surroundings. This even includes scenarios when you are NOT on the court. Support your teammates - ATTITUDE is HUGE! Keep a good one and try to surround yourself with other positive people. Paling around with your best friends will not land you a spot on the roster. Partner with another strong player who is equally focused and will bring your level of play up.

2) Back Row: Hit your lines and get yourself into a position to dig the ball. We did drop and drive all season – USE IT! This includes peppering! Any drill where you are digging a ball should include a drop and drive step. The whole point of that drill is to make the defensive positioning second nature. Get to your spot, and be ready to make a move on the ball. Watch the hitter and try to read their shots/arm angle/timing to get a better jump on the ball or to position yourself appropriately. If you are in the wrong spot, don’t give up! Chase down everything, hit the floor, make an effort – you never know if you can get it unless you try.

3) Front Row: Transition, transition, transition! Put yourself in the best position to be successful. You know the footwork, be confident in your approach, and be patient. Utilize the variety of shots you have learned this season. Coaches want to see players who can play smart. Hitters who know when to tip, roll shot, AND swing are extremely valuable. When blocking remember the “Lock and Load” position (stay a foot off the net, knees bent, hands up) and penetrate over the net making that “W” position with your hands putting your thumbs up! 

4) Setters: Go for everything! The 2nd touch is your responsibility. Push yourself to take as many as you can with your hands and only bail to your platform when absolutely necessary. Rule of thumb: if it's higher than the net, you should set it! Coaches can teach you technique, but you can't coach effort - you either have it or you don't. Effort breeds effort. If you're running all over the place, diving, making saves, your teammates will feed off that. Simply by refusing to let the 2nd ball hit the floor, you will instantly make your teammates better. A player like that will ALWAYS have a spot on the team and on the court. All of our setters have been taught a variety of sets – not just 1, 4, 9. Be confident and show your coaches you can set more than the basics. You are the quarterback of the offense. Take charge when necessary.  

5) Leave it all out on the court: if you did your best, then you should have no regrets leaving each day after camp, summer league, & tryouts!

Have confidence in your abilities. We are all rooting for you to succeed!

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